Dear Gay Men, Are You Hooked On Grindr?

‘Are you a Grindrophile?’

The answer is probably yes if you’ve already been asked this question and are reading this column, purging through dating hacks and lists. Which brings us to concern quantity two — if Grindr was a child, could you date him?

Don’t bother looking at their profile, there’s only 1 way to find down. Every point you rack through to this special-edition that is super Bucket List Game brings you one step nearer to having an epiphany — the exact same the one that begs you to definitely end it forever, and delete the sweetness that Grindr is.

Just add a point up for virtually any concern you answer with a ‘Yes’ and tally your final score with our outcomes below. Do you want?

1. Checked your Grindr when you reach a brand new location. 2. Checked Grindr on a pee-break. 3. Or a luncheon break in the office. 4. Cursed the bad community and your neighbors whenever Grindr doesn’t load. 5. Gotten upset over maybe maybe not having any communications whenever you log in. 6. Gotten excited since you do have more than 20 once you do. 7. Had a blank profile. 8. Laughed at somebody having a blank profile. 9. Messaged someone with a blank profile simply because you’re horny. 10. Lied regarding the height. 11. Lied regarding the fat. 12. Lied about both. 13. Devoted hours picking out the profile that is perfect it’d help you discover your soul mates. 14. Have nevertheless been expected for intercourse immediately after. 15. Stated you had been ‘Only hunting for buddies’ although not actually suggested it. Hello, hot hookup! 16. Mentioned you had been ‘straight-acting.’ 17. Ditched a date midway since they’re ugly. 18. Been ditched. 19. Expected if someone’s into ‘High Fun?’ 20. Been asked if you should be into ‘High Fun?’ 21. stated you may be ‘Sane and sorted’ on your profile. 22. Blocked someone for saying they have been ‘Sane and that are sorted their Grindr profile. 23. Been approached for the threesome. 24. Approached someone for the threesome. 25. Been approached for the ‘Orgy‘Group or’ Fun’. 26. Approached someone for an ‘Orgy‘Group or’ fun’. 27. Been approached for the therapeutic therapeutic massage. 28. Been approached by an escort. 29. Felt bad about maybe not being approached by either. 30. Simply met some body for intercourse. 31. Dated someone off Grindr. 32. Made friend through Grindr. 33. Had a torso image up. 34. Objectified a torso photo. 35. Possessed a catchphrase for Grindr. 36. Used the catchphrase in the exact same individual twice (and never also apologizsd.) 37. Told somebody you had been ‘home alone’. 38. Expected somebody should they were. 39. Stated you had been to locate ‘Right Now’. 40. Stated you’re in search of ‘Nothing.’ 41. Just stated you had been ‘Looking.’ 42. Been asked whether ‘you got plc?’ 43. Been asked whether ‘you got pics?” 44. Answered to either. 45. Answered to neither. 46. Perhaps perhaps Not seemed such a thing such as your Grindr picture. 47. Scoffed at someone for perhaps not searching such a thing like their Grindr photo. 48. Know all of the men in your neighbourhood by heart. 49. Obstructed 10 guys every time consistently. 50. Cursed once you can’t block the 11 person that is th a single day. 51. Wished you’d Grindr Xtra so you might block more. 52. Downloaded Grindr Xtra to do this. 53. Hooked up with a Grindr date during work hours. 54. Hooked up with a Grindr date before work hours. 55. Hooked up with a Grindr date in the office. 56. perhaps Not responded to someone’s polite message on Grindr. 57. Been annoyed an individual does reply that is n’t yours. 58. Been catfished. 59. Catfished someone. 60. Been asked whether you’re ‘Top or Bottom’ after saying hello. 61. Expected some body the exact same concern after saying hello. 62. Dreamt of marrying somebody you’ve met down Grindr. 63. Cried within the bath when that didn’t work away. 64. Discovered somebody brand new on Grindr ab muscles following day. 65. Had a vacation hookup in a international location through Grindr. 66. Searched for a cafe with free Wi-Fi in said location that is foreign always check your Grindr messages. 67. Sent a dick pic. 68. Expected for a dick pic. 69. Possessed a shirtless image. 70. Expected for a picture that is shirtless. 71. Obstructed somebody after either of this above. blackfling reviews 72. Have actually an accumulation images to send. 73. Lied about maybe not having any images to deliver. 74. Seemed for Birthday Intercourse. 75. Seemed for Break-up Intercourse. 76. Seemed for ‘Why perhaps not?’ Intercourse. 77. Had a discussion that went nowhere. 78. Had a conversation that went directly to bed. 79. Went right to sleep but had a discussion alternatively. 80. Used Grindr while at a gathering. 81. Utilized Grindr while for a night-out with friends. 82. Gotten away from an out early for a grindr hook-up night. 83. Had a conversation that is exasperating Grindr. 84. Screenshot stated conversation and tweeted/Instagrammed it. 85. Stalked an ex through a blank profile. 86. Pranked friend by way of a blank profile. 87. Obstructed some body midway through a discussion. 88. Been blocked by somebody midway through a discussion. 89. Sexted somebody on Grindr. 90. Obstructed them after completing your organization. 91. Lied about being solitary on Grindr. 92. Lied to the man you’re dating about being on Grindr. 93. Have actually the man you’re seeing lie about being on Grindr. 94. Seemed for some body on Grindr along with your boyfriend. 95. Saved contacts that are multiple the Grindr pseudonym. 96. Gotten confused and saved two different people beneath the exact same title. 97. Deleted the contacts in a brief minute of disgust. 98. Deleted Grindr in a brief moment of disgust. 99. Facebooked about making Grindr. 100. Got back in a brief moment of exasperation two months later.

Excited to understand what your scores that are final? Continue reading to discover regardless if you are a Missionary, or love every thing missionary:

Your score: 1- 25 Grindr guidelines

Exactly just What it states in regards to you: Wow! You appear to be doing fine. In reality, I would have thought you were a born-again virgin if you weren’t reading this post. But beware, kid, Grindr could be the deep, dark end associated with the web that sucks you in before very long. And never when you look at the real way, you would like it.

Your rating: 26-50 Grindr Points

Exactly exactly What it claims while you are used to the occasional lunch break tryst off everyone’s favourite sexting app, you seem to have everything under control about you. But we nevertheless see you making use of the eggplant emoji, mister. I’ve got my eyes for you.

Your rating: 51-75 Grindr Points

What it states in regards to you: You’ve not reached the fag end regarding the pool, but you’re getting here. You might always check Grindr every few hours, understand that you will be one intercourse tape and two threesomes far from being the app’s resident Lindsay Lohan.

Your rating: 76-100 Grindr Points

Exactly What it says as you can, sir, and put your hands up in the air about you: Step away from your phone as slowly. You’re being taken set for Grindr addiction. Now do you need a pat down or a body cavity search that is full?

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