Nacka municipality hit right right right back at claims spread because of the regional branch regarding the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party it had purchased three bostadsratter (a kind of personal housing cooperative which will be a standard kind of house ownership in Sweden) in Saltsjobaden for the man along with his three spouses.

“Nacka municipality hasn’t bought housing for just about any person. The municipal’s purchase of bostadsratter is a component regarding the ongoing work of organizing housing for brand new arrivals with a residence license,” it published in reaction to concerns raised within the rumours.

“In 2017 Nacka municipality is always to get 370 brand new arrivals assigned because of the Migration Agency.”

The neighborhood, along with several Swedish media including Metro and Swedish radio, has had a closer look at the claims. This is just what we discovered.

Nacka municipality, south of Stockholm, has purchased 94 bostadsratter worth around 305 million kronor since January year that is last in line with the regional authority also to publicly available papers. Nearly all these flats, not them all in line with the council, are rented away to newly appeared immigrants.

One of these simple was allotted to a man that is 57-year-old their spouse and kids.

Another two flats have now been allotted to two other ladies, who will be additionally registered in formal Swedish documents as both hitched towards the exact exact same man that is 57-year-old and kids. The females are typical within their 40s.

Polygamy is generally unlawful in Sweden, but such marriages are considered legitimate in the event that partners hitched in a nation where it’s permitted, should they married voluntarily along with no links to Sweden at that time.

The 3 apartments under consideration had been purchased by the neighborhood authority for 5.45 million, 5.2 million and 3.3 million kronor, relating to general general public documents by Nacka’s town development committee, seen by The neighborhood.

In accordance with the newest figures by real-estate data business Svensk Maklarstatistik, the nationwide average price for a bostadsratt is 40,687 kronor per square metre, when compared with 54,341 kronor in Nacka.

“The municipality will not buy apartments on the market price rather than within the many areas that are expensive” stated Nacka municipality on their site.

The neighborhood has heard of details while the flats are situated in seaside town Saltsjobaden, but in the borders rather than in just one of the many areas that are expensive.

Nacka municipality defended the acquisition for the 94 bostadsratter (a few of which based on the council are used to accommodate other residents whom require an apartment that is temporary the social services) as an element of their responsibility to make certain accommodation is given to brand new arrivals.

Based on a new legislation which arrived into impact on March 2016 to undertake the prior year’s record influx of around 163,000 asylum seekers to Sweden, municipalities are obligated to take and find housing for refugees assigned for them by the Migration Agency, in order to share the accommodation load.

“we have always been since frustrated as everyone. We are carrying it out because we must,” penned Nacka’s mayor Mats Gerdau, a part associated with the Moderate that is conservative Party on Facebook, arguing up against the legislation but protecting the acquisition of bostadsratter.

“Some state we have to disregard the legislation. Possibly i am traditional, but i do believe you need to obey current rules.”

Many brand new arrivals find their apartment that is own sticking with buddies or family relations. But people who can not get assigned to a municipality where they move when they have actually their residence license. The municipality will be to get them house for just two years, after which it they’ve been to maneuver away and discover their accommodation.

“I would like to stress that no one GETS an apartment. The municipality offers a first house for a optimum of 2 yrs,” penned Gerdau.

“Of program you spend lease. Which is frequently crowded along with to generally share a flat.”

“Everyone should understand that this legislation just isn’t especially good, aside from perhaps for the state that could clear its refugee centers and pass the responsibilty and expenses towards the muncipalities, that are forced into short-term and high priced solutions,” he proceeded.

In accordance with Svenska Dagbladet, in might this current year a total of 52 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities had purchased bostadsratter to sublet to arrivals that are new. Other people purchased council-owned first-hand rentals (hyresratter), arranged short-term structures or been aided by personal landlords. Nacka has additionally utilized some of those choices.

Most of the given information above are available in formal documents, publicly available. Read more about Sweden’s rules on freedom of data and general public papers here.

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