The line guy’s keys: specialist declaring to your job for hours Warner wire happens to be asking all on Reddit

Some one saying become a Time Warner Cable professional try spilling keys on Reddit.

Your time Warner Cable, the second-largest carrier of television and internet service in the United States, told mineral that it is considering the postings. “We’re cannot examine when this individual is in fact an ongoing or past worker,” a spokesman said.

Reddit cellphone owner cableguy_the started an “Ask me personally anything at all” (AMA) thread, posting photos of his identification document badge and uniform as purported proof of his own job. His solutions to the questions can be found in are incredibly candid. The following are some features (typos maintained).

On Comcast’s pending obtain of your time Warner Cable:

We would like the merger since current team in control certainly is the evil in recent history. Lots of people receiving shot caused by difficult measurements. The electricity has-been provided to service repetitions and stripped-down from the individuals that actually go to homes and restore harm . It’s chaos along with business is operated like dump IMHO [in my personal simple thoughts].

On the anxiety between technicians and client care interpreter:

Yea support associates and specialists are combating a war that no person perceives. We all hate them, the two detest you. The two tell customers the thing is the gear when it almost never is definitely. All of escondido ts escort us tell consumers to simply pay no attention to exactly what man the cellphone claims because it is likely that very good, he’s never ever bound a residence, hung a drop or addressed wire.

On what’s really completely wrong with the connection:

Don’t think 50per cent of exactly what the associate from the phone shows you. Just schedule the technology. Permit your move. He’s performed this previously. The representative only advice phones. it is rarely the equipment resulting in the concern.

Regarding the information to get more effective assist:

Any time a technology comes ,ask for his managers numbers. Tell him it is not to burn him but to rise a challenge. He could contact his or her sup to be certain the great but that will help.

On what’s preventing faster online obtain speeds:

Frankly, fundamental analog cable. It only takes right up sooo a great deal data transfer useage . 1 network per volume vs binding several frequencies to deliver 8 stations for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Once we proceed 100percent digital tv.. online are certain to get more quickly. Furthermore congestion. If you reside around a college it’s what lies ahead . Granny may also use this lady 15 meg for e-mail and viewing but small Johnny university kid takes in within the bandwidth in your community using netflix and torrenting and playing. Nevertheless these people pay out identically. IMHO what might restore this really capping information and offering every person uncapped speed.

On precisely why splitting your own cable tv connections is a bad idea:

Installing a splitter to simply attenuate the signal certainly foolish most people have points called attenuators which do this without including unnecessary splitter. Yet it is true that an excessive amount indicator is just as awful as too little we call that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will definitely cost your his or her work:

I would feel terminated depending on whom catches me personally. I would go for an extra its so very hard to share employing the approach the corporation is now planned.

As to how Wi-Fi data become untrustworthy, might be vanquished by doorways and structure:

Certainly best shown. Plaster areas especially.Solid hardwood side, getting into a basement after router goes in the second floors or the other way round. Wi-fi happens to be a fickle creature.

On your “broken” wire modem:

Yea I find out this a great deal. I would personally say in a given yr I’d claim 5% belonging to the modems We traded were in fact defective. All of us accomplish plenty of puppy and pony program and simply exchange it in any event. The issue is generally not machines relevant. Modems either operate or they dont. There certainly is so very little in between. These include quite simple instruments. I have tv series clientele using my own personal notebook every single thing functioning alright, consequently switch over on their particular devices and things goes to shit. These people continue to demand a unique modem..Its insanity.

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