Without a doubt about I attempted to join up for Verizon Fios. It Changed Into a Nightmare

The hook

It’s difficult to argue using the figures. In NYC, Fios offers 100-Mbps rates for $40 each month for starters 12 months, capping down at $55 each month on a yearly basis thereafter. Compare that to RCN, which was in fact recharging me personally $65 per thirty days for 50 Mbps.

My previous roomie alerted me personally to Verizon’s https://besthookupwebsites.net/collarspace-review/ $40 deal, in which he stated it mightnot have been simpler. a professional arrived inside my old roomie’s new apartment, went a cable, confirmed one thing on a laptop computer and had been away once again in under one hour. With a suggestion that way, why would i wish to hold on to my clunky, old RCN service?

The professional said that starting Fios during my apartment was not feasible unless we had authorization from my landlord to perform a cable over my roof, protected that cable along the front associated with building and drill a hole then through my front wall surface. I would likewise require authorization through the landlord across the street to run cable through their garden and by way of a fence.

We visited Verizon Fios’ site, that has a handy address-checker that can let you know ahead of time if the solution will come in your building. The web site stated it ended up being. Being exceedingly cautious with technology, we called up Verizon customer care to validate. A representative seemed up my apartment that is brand new and me personally that it might be “no issue” to setup solution here. In the end, the lady within the apartment right next to mine had Fios, therefore setting it up set up could not be that most of an inconvenience.

We put up an appointment on the internet and also received a”welcome that is customized Verizon” movie for my problems. The professional arrived properly when he said he’d and said that most he required ended up being a look that is quick the garden additionally the roof.

Then, he explained that creating Fios during my apartment was not feasible unless I experienced authorization from my landlord to perform a cable over my roof, protected that cable down the front side of this building and drill a hole then through my front wall surface. But that has been the simple part; I would likewise require authorization through the landlord across the street to perform cable through their garden and by way of a fence. We told the professional We was extremely confused, since this don’t appear to be the “no issue” installation I’d been promised.

“Yeah, they do not let you know about this component, do they?” he responded, shrugging, and moved away.

Around the period, my data that are mobile away. You would be astonished exactly exactly how bandwidth that is much may use in just a few days.

The line

I did not truly know how to proceed as of this true point, as the specialist never ever specified just what sort of authorization he needed or the way I should have it. Therefore, I made the decision to hedge my wagers by both emailing my landlord and Verizon customer service that is calling once more.

(we additionally tweeted during the business and managed a rep whom clearly did not read my real issue. That turned out to be a dead end.)

My landlord explained, he wasn’t sure why Verizon would have to run a whole new line — and through a neighboring yard, at that as I thought, that other people in the building had Fios access without issue, so. He stated he’d check out the presssing problem further.

Meanwhile, I got ahold of a Verizon agent on the phone. She stated that she couldn’t assist me however the brand new York Technician Dispatch Team could. That group, she explained, would place me personally in contact with a specialist straight, whom could explain just what authorization she or he would need through the two landlords. The professional would also help me to reschedule a scheduled appointment.

To reiterate: Verizon said that the only method to re solve my issue would be to contact a division that literally doesn’t occur.

Without further ado, we called the fabled specialist Dispatch Team. A helpful computerized sound informed me that my delay time wouldn’t normally go beyond 4 mins.

Twenty-five mins later on, a representative acquired and asked just how I could be helped by her.

“Hello,” we stated. ” Is it the New York Technician Dispatch Team?”

“The what?” she replied.

After a few momemts, we surely got to one’s heart regarding the matter: there’s absolutely no thing that is such the New York Technician Dispatch Team, and also the contact number I’d received went directly to your regular Verizon Fios customer support line.

To reiterate: Verizon explained that the way that is only re solve my issue would be to contact a division that literally doesn’t occur. (The Verizon Fios Twitter account had been quiet about this small snafu.)

Luckily for us, this agent seemed better-informed compared to got and first in contact with a specialist by by herself. Each of them informed me that I would personally need written authorization from each landlord authorizing a Verizon Fios specialist to operate cable and drill holes. Those of you whom are now living in NYC understand that a request similar to this is not very easy to satisfy — but it really is positively possible, and also at least I had a path that is solid call at front side of me personally.

The sinker

In reality, things enhanced the following day, once I received a call from a lady whom works well with Verizon’s business workplace. She demanded to understand why I would canceled my Verizon visit and which websites we’d chose to utilize rather.

(Image credit: Verizon)

When I finally got an opportunity to explain my studies and tribulations, the rep confirmed that two landlord letters would once solve the problem as well as all. In reality, she’d do me one better: She, actually, would just take my landlord’s call and direct him through all of those other procedure. If she was not here, she guaranteed me personally, some other person could be in a position to respond to our concerns as well as she could.

Experiencing good about my leads of experiencing internet for the very first time in a week, I had written a message to my landlord asking him to please phone the corporate rep and also to inform me exactly just what she stated.

For 3 days thereafter, he called the rep that is corporate quantity two times a day, getting bounced around from a single worker to another location, every one of who provided him an unusual response, and none of whom had any concept the direction to go. He had been not able to achieve the woman whom contacted me personally.

Finally, he delivered me personally a message stating that many renters when you look at the building have actually RCN and appear completely happy with it. Would I be ready to join their ranks?

After huddling close to a LinkNYC hotspot, checking my e-mail and downloading episodes of Babylon 5 back at my smartphone, we discovered that I would be quite thrilled to do exactly that.

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